Tuesday, June 15, 2010

waterlogged weekend day 2

Back at the Ranch...
We had made plans that morning to go to Ainsworth. The trip up there seemed like it took forever...only a few spots with water over the road. We met one of my future roomies and good friend Bailey for lunch at Big John's dinner. It was really good :) Apparently there are lots of things that they serve there but aren't on the menu...you just have the ask. Bailey heard this from some of the locals and tried it. Whatever is was looked really good! We had a good time catching up!
Then is was off to the grocery store...
We started to make our way back to the ranch but checked out some of the State Rec Areas along the way. That took up quite a bit of our afternoon. We found some really cute spots to camp and hopefully good fishing. Any running water we came across was ragin' like a river...although on any normal day it wouldn't be much more than a trickle. Jake and I both agreed that we made the right choice by NOT camping that weekend.
It was really damp that afternoon and misting on and off. We decided to take the opportunity to ride the horses. Going into this we knew this would be "an adventure." You see we have never actually rode these two horses simultaneously...nor has Jake ridden Clyde successfully for a while (he always manages to get bucked off).
The ponies were surprisingly happy to see me (Jake has been spoiling them with treats) and they came right up to me. They stood unusually still as we saddled them up, then it was time to ride :)
The horses were kinda spooky and excited...a combination neither Jake or I was really excited about. Plus none of us were terribly familiar with the lay of the land. Abby was giving me a hard time and as I was messing with her Jake mounted Clyde. As I lifted myself up into the saddle and swung my leg over Abby took off unexpectedly. I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS! I tried to sit deep and calm her down, but I did not have a good grip of the reins or seat in the saddle. The next thing I know I'm laying on the ground and Abby, Jake, and Clyde are standing over me.
I just wanted to lay there for a bit. I wasn't hurt...just my pride. But Jake made me get up...and I got right back in the saddle. We rode around in the damp meadow for awhile, but the weather was moving in. Being wet I got cold and it was time to head in.
By this point it was evening and time to eat. After supper we watching some baseball in the basement, observed some more wildlife in the backyard and went to bed early! We knew the next day would be a long one...trying to get me home after all this rain. We had already heard about a bunch of road and bridge closings...but we weren't going to worry about that until tomorrow.

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