Monday, August 23, 2010

day 1

My third year at the University of Nebraska begins today. A new semester...a new day...a new beginning, if you will. I have moved into my new apartment...this is a whole new college experience for me! I loved my time in the dorm...but going to school - without spending every minute of everyday on campus is a nice change.
Kayce and I walked out the door this morning at we did, we said to one another, "Day 1" Hopefully this is a good start to the many more to come!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a promise you know, I'm packing up all my stuff for the move back to school and into the new apartment. Well, I made this promise, a good one, but one I might regret. "I will not buy any more fabric until I have used up everything I have already purchased...AND...reduced my scraps by at least half." I told my mom this as we carried two totes of scrap fabric out to the car one morning...I still have three or four huge bags of fabric with half finished, or not even started project hiding within them. This is both a promise...and a challenge!
I would say I'm doing okay...considering I accompanied my sister to the fabric store yesterday...and didn't buy ANYTHING! Now I just need to start working on all those projects!
Any ideas for all those scraps?