Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm packing up all my stuff...yet again! I'm moving into an apartment for the fall with a couple of great girls :) As I'm packing I realized just how much stuff I actually have! I've moved enough now that I have grow tired of carrying it from place to place, so as I pack I've tried to go things and pitch what I don't need. Well, I need everything I have...that's why I have it, not?
It's just weird seeing everything I own in boxes! half of my stuff is in a storage unit in Lincoln...the rest of it is scattered between home in Minden and the new apartment. Jake and I are taking another load this weekend :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

camping trip

I made my way back out to the ranch this past weekend. From there Jake and I went out on our first camping trip of the season...if you remember from a while back, this was not intended to be the first camping trip, but we got flooded out last time.
Now that everything was not so wet, we ventured to Keller State Rec Area...a place we had scoped out earlier in the year. It's a very scenic place, with five fishing ponds and the Bone Creek running through it. We brought our fishing poles along.

I arrived at the ranch about five...we had made plans to go out to a nice dinner before we went camping. We ate in Burwell at the Sandstone Cafe. YUM! Jake had the steak and shrimp and for me the blacken chicken alfredo. For dessert...peanut butter pie! We were having such a good time, we didn't realize how late it had gotten. We still had an our drive to the campgrounds and to set up our would be ten thirty before we even got there...and DARK!'s a good thing it took us so long, because we remembered the things we had forgotten back at the ranch: Jake's pillow, our fishing gear, fire wood, camp stove (all things we couldn't do without!)
Luckily we made it to the camp grounds without hitting a deer...we saw about 15 on the way there! This was the first time putting together our new tent, good thing they make them a lot easier to put together now a days!

The next morning, we went fishing. Not much to say about's fishing! Out fishing permits probably weren't worth the trouble this time around. I didn't catch anything, although I had several bites. And Jake did catch one blue gill...but I don't think it was worth seven dollars alone.

We hiked back the our camp site and grabbed stuff to make lunch...Jake wanted to head over to Long Pine to try the fishing there. I made sandwiches in the car.

Before I had left, I signed Jake and I up for the Great Park Pursuit with Game and Parks. Check it out for yourself here.One of the stops is the Cowboy Trail in Long Pine. We walked the trail until we reached the bridge. What a view! And what did we see? People tubing the Pine Creek...we had to do it!

Back to get our swimming suits, tubes rented it was time to embark!
Jake was picking on me saying how cold it was going to be...he thought I would chicken out. Jake flapped his lips a little too much. He got in the creek before me...tried to sit down on his tube...and flipped over backwards into the cold water! It was cold...but when the temp reads 91 with awful humidity you get used to it quick! This was a fast moving creek! It didn't take us long to reach our destination. The we walked back up the creek (easier said than done) and did it again! It was well worth the $6!
After that day we were pretty much wore out! We had a little scare from the weather, but we hardly even rained! We finally got to start our fire and roast our weenies...and mallows :)

The next day it was time to pack up...our camping weekend was over :( We didn't kill each other...I'd call that a success!