Monday, June 14, 2010

waterlogged weekend day 1

As some of you might already know, Jake has a summer job on a ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska this summer. My plan this past weekend was to venture up there for a camping trip, but mother nature had plans of her own.
It had already rained quiet a bit before Friday and the roads being sand, Jake decided he would meet me at my grandparents house in Sargent. From there we would go to the ranch in his pickup.
The highway didn't seem too bad, but when we turned on to the seven mile sand road that leads to the ranch house it became apparent that they had received a lot of moisture. You could see where that water had ran down the road making ridges in the sand. The meadows were full of water...and in a couple places this water was standing across the road. Jake's pickup made it through a-okay (I was so glad that he decided to pick me up...I would not have been so lucky to make it across)
I had been to the ranch once before very briefly...nothing seemed too out of place except the huge puddles of water EVERYWHERE.
On the way up Jake had told me that he hadn't made it to his steers in the pasture because of the rain the day before. He said that the rain had created a stream that had washed the road out and wound its way through the pasture, making it impassable. He knew of another way to get to the opposite side of the pasture and wanted to check it out. I agreed...I didn't realize that this meant a 40 mile ride on a we left I said to Jake, "This is going to be an adventure." (that became our motto for the weekend)
So here we go flying down this curvy road watching for water and dodging turtles. We didn't come across anything Jake worried about too much until water completed covered a good chunk of the road. He got off and looked at it and walked out on a little bit of it. He wasn't too thrilled about driving across it...but at this point I was invested! So I walked through it all in my mud boots to show Jake where the high spots were to drive through it. We make it piece of cake :) We passed a lot of beautiful country and only a few more spots of water that I had to walk through. We finally made it to the pasture and checked on the steers who could have cared less that we had come all that way to see them. Jake wanted me to see the washout, so we drove to the other side of the pasture. It was a doozy! The washout came up at least to Jake's hips and was as wide across as he is tall. There was no getting around that! He wasn't exaggerating!
We made it back to the ranch just as it was getting dark. I was wind blown and exhausted!
It rained that night...

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