Tuesday, June 1, 2010

alex's ambitions

Summer is well underway...and that means I have my fair share of "to do" lists sitting around. Some of them are things I will get to in a day, but others are the things I would like to see accomplished by the end of the summer. For a little bit of accountability, I thought I would share my ambitious list with you...hopefully motivating myself to get things done.
I love that feeling you get when you cross something off a list...in fact, sometimes I write lists just so I can cross things off. I guess it gives me sense of accomplishment. And it keeps me on track :)
So...here it is:

alex's ambitions:
  • sheer shirts (2)
  • long wool coat
  • wide band elastic skirts
  • Minnie mouse Halloween costume
  • flamingo pink dress
home decor
  • paint dresser
  • pillow covers
  • pillow case
  • cross stitch picture
  • denim hot pads
  • tote bag
  • clutch
  • hair bows
  • headbands
  • flowers
  • crazy 9 patch
  • jake's cowboy
  • rag time

That's my list as of yet. I'm sure things will get crossed out and things added. Most of the list is sewing projects, but I added a little variety. Stay tuned!

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