Monday, April 12, 2010

two decades

I've been around for two decades now! My 20th birthday was on Friday...and I'm no longer a teen! I had one whirlwind of a weekend!
Thursday night Jake took me to Omaha for the LeAnn Wolmack, Reba, and George Straight concert...and boy was it AMAZING! I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but this was sure one I didn't want to miss. The concert was four hours long! I didn't realize how tired I was until George stopped singing...then we still had an hour drive home. We didn't make it back to Lincoln until 1:30. When my head hit that pillow, I was out!
All day Friday I was at my practicum for CYAF 401. I'm almost done with all my hours! Later that night Jake and I went to the new comedy "Date Night." Pretty good movie, and another late night!
Saturday I headed home for about 24 hours. My dad's birthday is on the 5th and mine on the 9th, so we had to get together with the family for our birthday dinner. I go to of course we went to Hunans!
An angel food cake with fluffy white icing was waiting for us at home. YUM! I always have an angel food's my favorite! Talk about a sugar high!
Sunday morning I had to head back to Lincoln because I had lots of stuff to do!
Weekends are usually my time to relax and get ready for the week ahead, but this time my hectic week just kept going. Now this week is underway...hopefully I make it!

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