Monday, February 15, 2010

a case of the mondays

I have a case of the mondays....everyday! School has completely taken over my life! I don't have a lot of extra time for anything! New semester, new dorm, new schedule. No time.

Today I am supposed to be at my education practicum in a small town outside of Lincoln, but because of the snow they have a late start...and I get a snow day! So I have a free day to get caught up! That means homework...all day :(

Yesterday was Valentine's Day! Jake came back to school through the snow storm and brought me a dozen roses. After I got off work we went roller skating. The last time I went roller skating was in elementary was just like I remembered! We had so much fun!

Cabin fever has set in with all the icky weather. Spring Break cannot come fast enough! We have a fun trip planned to Texas! There will be lots to talk about when we get back :)

I still have a ton of projects on my plate! Maybe if I ever get one done, I'll share it with ya'll!

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