Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dandy decorations

My room is all decked out for the holiday season. I thought I'd better take some photos before I have to take everything down for Christmas Break. Then I realized I never did post any pictures of my dorm room...so here they are!

I have my own room, so even if it looks really cramped, it's much roomier than a double. I prefer to call it cozy! And cozy it is...they really cranked up the heat this past week with our snow days :) And there is PINK everywhere!!

Since there are two desks I use one for homework and the other for crafty business! I love the built-in shelves above the counter space! Mine are full of stuff! I like to be really organized, so all those compartments come in handy.

There really isn't an inch of my room that doesn't have stuff in it. You don't get to peak into my closets...they are stuffed, and kinda messy! Usually my brown chest serves as a coffee table in the center of my room, but right now its a Christmas tree stand so people can see my tree from outside.

And that's the grand tour... Thanks for stopping by!

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