Monday, October 12, 2009

"oh! i can make that!"

My mom came to town for the weekend to accompany me to my initiation into Phi Upsilon Omicron (an academic and service honorary for the family and consumer sciences). While here we did what any mother daughter duo would do...hit the shopping mall!

We browsed stores and sifted through racks of clothes...every once in a while saying to ourselves "oh! I can make that!" Both a blessing and a curse! It's wonderful to be able to make something and exactly the way you want it, but other times it really would just be easier to buy it off the rack! But alas we think to ourselves..."why would I spend that much on that...when I could just make it myself?"

As you can guess...neither of us bought anything that afternoon. The next day what did we do but head to exactly the place where "oh! I can make that!" becomes a reality: the fabric store! :) (and when I say the fabric store, I mean two or three fabric stores) My mom ended up buying some fabric for an already planned project. My keen eyes immediately noticed the sale signs of the patterns. Flipping through the book I found and bought up eight new patterns to add to my to do list!

I also bought some yarn for a cowl neck scarf to quickly knit up...(also on a "oh! I can make that!" whim) We saw a similar scarf like this at the mall for $40! I purchased my yarn for $8 and in no time will have it knit up. With a savings of $32, I call that "oh! I can make that!" at its finest!

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