Tuesday, September 1, 2009

corsage and boutonniere

I just returned from my floral design lab and have some projects to show you! Tonight we made basic corsages and boutonnieres...exciting!

The first one I made using one large orange and two small yellow button pom-pom chrysanthemums. Also incorporated were seeded eucalyptus and tree fern.
I had enough time to make a second using two white novelty, two green and one lavender button pom-pom chrysanthemums as well as saphora and old fashioned misty blue filler. The foliage in the back is eucalyptus and leather leaf.

I didn't realize how much work actually goes into these! Every element in the corsage/boutonniere must first be fixed to its own wire before being put in the bunch...and there are several ways to attached to wire to the elements! For finishing touches we put our bow making skills to good use and learned to make curly q's! How cute! This will be a useful skill to master...they'll make great gifts :)

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